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Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks - August 2005

Here's my list of Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks for August 2005.  This list is not a cumulative thing - after all, there wouldn't be much run for you the reader if Laetitia Casta, Madonna and Angelina Jolie were ranked number 1,2 and 3 for the next year.  So I've decided to add some variety to this list by having the simple rule that no single celebrity can appear on this list more than once every six months. Also, not only am I doing this list as a way to indulge myself, but also to turn you on to actresses, singers and other personalities you might not have heard of.  So... enjoy the list!

1. Scarlett Johansson

Ahhhh.. Scarlett Johansson - the thinking man's babe. She's not even 21 yet, but seems so much wiser than her years. Although she's usually tarted up these days, she's one of those girls that just looks beautiful au naturel - like she did in the first film I saw her in - Ghost World. Of course, she also looked stunning in Lost in Translation, the first time I said to myself "this girl can act"! Even better is the fact that the girl seems to have her head screwed on straight - a rarity anywhere in Hollywood these days, much less for someone that's not even old enough to drink yet!

2. Carly Pope

Carly Pope first became popular by playing an unpopular girl on the show Popular - too bad the show itself wasn't popular enough... it was cancelled after just two seasons. Carly is yet another one of those girls on my lists that you just have to see in motion to appreciate. She's so... dreamy - not in the goofy Marcia Brady sense, but rather in a "just woke up" sense. Sort of like "bedroom eyes", but it's more than that. The sad thing is that after Popular she basically quit Hollywood and moved back to her native British Columbia. She still does the occasional made for TV movie.

3. Tiny Fey

She's smart, she's funny, she's geeky and she wears glasses? Sign me up!

4. Rachael Buckley

Rachael Buckley is known to Americans solely for her role as the hot "Ms. Moneypenny" in the short-lived Fox series Keen Eddie. While Fiona (Sienna Miller) was Eddie's one true love interest, Moneypenny was his sexual interest. Oftentimes Eddie would say something innocent to her, such as greeting her with "How do ya like it, Moneypenny?", only to be answered with "On all fours" in her delicious English accent. The best part about it all was that we never knew if Eddie was imagining these things, or if she was really saying them.

5. Rachel Weisz

Why I like Rachel Weisz is a bit of a mystery to me. She's not especially attractive - especially in the galaxy of hot babes that is Hollywood. She doesn't have a great body. She's not that good of an actress - decent enough, sure... but she's hardly Meryl Streep material, is she? Rachel is one of those girls that men are attracted to for no definable reason - they just are. All I know is that I get all hot and bothered every time I see her on the screen.

6. Alyssa Milano

And speaking of hot and bothered... it's Alyssa Milano! You and I both know that she's on this list because of her gignormous rack.... But there's more to it than that. I think it goes back to her squeaky-clean image on Who's The Boss? For a long stretch in the 80s, Alyssa was America's sweetheart and I think that's a large part of the attraction here. Had she just appeared outta nowhere on  Melrose Place... sure, she'd still be hot... but not nearly as hot as an all grown up Samantha Micelli, ya dig?

7. Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco is the first "Bond girl" to make my list. You probably remember her as the "good" Bond girl Natalya Simonova from Pierce Brosnan's debut in GoldenEye. Since then, Izabella has gone on to star in a handful of stinkers like Vertical Limit and The Exorcist: The Beginning - which is a shame. Not only does she have that European beauty, she's built, man! For real - check out the full-size version of her picture!

8. Dana Wynter

Here's my retro-babe-of-the-month! Dana Wynter was in around 35 movies... she even played Queen Elizabeth II in the 1982 made for TV movie The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana. But she is best known for playing Becky Driscoll in the 1956 sci-fi classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I usually don't care for pre-1970 girls - something about the fashion or body type or something - but this girl had me saying YOWZA! from the first moment she appears in the film (in a nice, push-em-up dress, BTW). She's really pretty and really elegant.

9. Monica Keena

Monica Keena is one of those rare girls where you can simultaneously think about how sweet she is and how nice her rack is! I first saw Monica on yet another short-lived Fox show (Undeclared) and really enjoyed seeing her in one of my favorite shows (HBO's Entourage). She's really pretty and sweet-looking, almost like the girl that just wasn't pretty enough to be the "It girl" in your high school, but went on to blossom into someone awesome!

10. Elyse Luray

OK, compared to everyone else on this list, Elyse Luray isn't that hot. But she's the hottest damn art and architecture historian I've ever seen! Elyse worked for Christie's Auction House in New York before becoming one of the hosts of the PBS series History Detectives. She has the sexiest nasal voice I've ever heard and if she weighs a few extra pounds, that's OK in my book. She's smart as a whip and even with all my talk about tits and ass, the brain is still the best sex organ of all!


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Fun Random Facts And Trivia:
Click on the graph to enlarge:



Of the 5 American women in this Top 10 list, 3 of them were born in New York City.
Scarlett Johansson refused to wear a bra for a love scene The Island (because women don’t normally sleep in a bra) but had to for the "PG" rating.
Carly Pope has big crush on Conan O'Brien.
Tina Fey Is Saturday Night Live's first ever female head writer.
Rachel Weisz is terrified of frogs.
Alyssa Milano enjoys gardening topless because she loves being at one with nature.
Izabella Scorupco is fluent in four languages.
Producer Walter Wanger called Dana Wynter "a brunette Grace Kelly with the zest of Ava Gardner."
Monica Keena's character on Dawson's Creek fell off a dock and drowned.
Elyse Luray never leaves home without her appraiser's kit.

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